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shawn_smiles's Journal

My name is NOT Shauna.

I rock out hard.
I blow your mind.
I make you scream.
And you love me for it.

I go to hi!school, basically because it's the law. I really want to travel the world and then find somewhere, or something, or someone that's important enough to me to stop traveling. But I don't have that kind of money, so I guess this'll do: Laura Powell is the only lesbian I know that really gets me. Gabby Pepe will never fail to make me smile. Fest is where I thrive (Cosasha Kegreedon x3). I love hippies, laughing, sparkles, Wawa, the taste of whitening strips, Special K, Trader Joe, not cleaning my room, and love. I hate living in suburbia, George Bush, being pinched/poked/prodded/ and all-around general touching on my stomach, and commercails. Music is kind of my thing. If you mess with my morning coffee, prepare to die. I refuse to be defined by who I'm friends with, where I shop, or what music I listen to. I seriously believe that I'm addicted to gum. I can't bowl to save my life. Flowers make me smile, without fail. I call my phone Cindy because it reminds me of a cinderblock. I bite my nails, and the skin around them. I really like good books, not ones about rich girls with rich girl petty problems. I'm either going to marry Paul Dano, Scott Michael Foster, Zach Braff or Nick Simmons. I can play guitar, I can write songs. I seldom go out in public without eyeliner. When the answers on a scantron test are in any sort of pattern, I have slight panic attacks. I'm terrified of nuns, big trucks, staying overnight in a hospital, and first meetings with other people's parents. I use correct grammer and spelling, all of the time. Even in text messages. It pisses everyone off. Especially Laura Powell, who never uses correct grammer or spelling. One of my life goals is to star in an indie film. My family's crazier than yours. I make a wish on every single one of my eyelashes. I'm extremely opinionated, obnoxious and get pissed off easily. If you meet me, you're going to either really like me- or think I'm really weird.